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Analog Gaming: Not Monopoly

When I tell people I read comics, the response I get is usually, “Like Batman?” And you know which (BAM! POW!) Batman they’re thinking of.

Likewise, when I tell people I play boardgames, I often get, “Like Monopoly?”

However, I’m not sure which Monopoly they’re thinking of. Are they thinking of Star Wars Monopoly? I am, after all, something of a Star Wars fan. Of course, I also like comics, too, so it could be the Justice League or Marvel Comics Monopoly. Maybe they’re thinking of Historical Boston Monopoly. Or Coca-Cola Monopoly. Or Hard Rock Cafe Monopoly. Or one of any of the 1794 (and counting) licensed and unlicensed versions of this dreadful game. Whichever one they mean, the answer is no. Not like Monopoly.

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