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Herein lies official merchandise for the Bureau Chiefs, creators of @FakeAPStylebook on Twitter… featuring buttons, shirts, stickers, and other goods with some of our favorite and most famous tips for proper writing. If you have a favorite tweet you’d like to see on a sticker, button, t-shirt or other product, let us know at

Hate You Forever: How to Channel Your Rage into Effective Supervillainy

by M.D. Wilson

Looking for a way out of the rat race? Tired of your ho-hum workaday life? Have an inexplicable love of turning human beings into inanimate objects? Then professional supervillainy, with tips from the experienced veterans at the International Society of Supervillains, might just be for you! This guide is your personal look inside the tricks of the evil trade, from defining your nefarious goals, acquiring your treacherous credentials and creating your evil persona to building your army of henchmen, selecting your equipment and base of operations and carrying out your dastardly master plans. So get those laughing lungs ready, recruit, and do some bad out there! With illustrations from artist Menachem Jerenberg.

Agreeable Comics

Buy print editions of your favorite Agreeable Comics
! From the nerd-friendly sitcom of THE RACK to the 70s neo-noir of SHE DIED IN TERREBONNE, Kevin Church and his collaborators have come up with something for everyone.

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