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5 funny books to beat the heat from NPR

Write More Good is featured in an article on NPR, Laugh Yourself Cool: 5 Funny Books To Beat The Heat by Dan Kois

“Oh, man, it’s so hot out this summer that you have to laugh. No, I mean it — you have to laugh, because if you’re sitting out on the broiling sand reading something funny and you don’t laugh, you bottle it up, it’ll get dangerous quick. In fact, your body temperature will raise 0.001 of a degree for each laugh you fail to emit. (It’s just science.) That may not seem like much, but if you stifle your giggles throughout the course of any of the titles on our Funny Summer reading list, you’re liable to suffer heat prostration within minutes.”

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Life Magazine Gallery and Write More Good Tips

Life Magazine pairs classic photos with writing tips from Write More Good

How to Write News More Good

It comes as a surprise to many non-journalists, but there really is a Bible of reporting: the hugely influential Associated Press Stylebook, which is issued annually with rules on how to (and how not to) write news stories. Little wonder, then, that this sacred cow was lampooned by the Bureau Chiefs, an iconoclastic group of journalists, artists, writers, and other assorted ne’er-do-wells who fashioned their own reporter’s stylebook in the vein of legendary satirist Ambrose Bierce. The Bureau Chiefs culled An Absolutely Phony Guide on How to Write More Good from their Twitter feed, @FakeAPStylebook, and they’ve lent LIFE a few of their more salient tips on “reporting.” So study up, and make your hilarious mark on the world of phony journalism.

Glossary Excerpts and More Reviews

Read some of the glossary definitions in Write More Good at the Kirkus blog post ‘Write More Good’: A Guide From @FakeAPStylebook

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