20 thoughts on “Buy the Book”

  1. The only sad thing is the apparent necessity of having to put an explicit “Absolutely Phony” on the cover like that; time was, people would get what was going on by the mere fact of it being called “Write More Good.”
    This kind of thing is kind of the bane of current humour books.

    Still, not in any way a knock against you, just the sad state of publishing/marketing realities, and I do hope to check this out.

  2. I would like to purchase this book, but I will not (repeat: will NOT) purchase said manuscript until the copy “an absolutely phony guide on how to” is stricken from the dust jacket.

  3. As a writer and owner of multiple copies of Strunk & White, I love the tweets and categorically support any satirical writing manual. But I’m with the three previous commenters who bemoan the dumbed-down disclaimer-including cover. Sarcasm isn’t funny if you mark it #SARCASM.

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