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Adam Warrock has released his first music video over on Angry Asian Man in support of his annual donation drive (he releases free music all year and only asks for money once). Check out the sweet minivan in the video!

RJ White is restarting The City Desk!

Check out You Chose Wrong, a Tumblr from Andrew Weiss dedicated to horrible endings of choose your own adventure books.

Did you know that the next season of the Variants had a successful kickstarter?

Mike Sterling presents some superhero bookmarks from 2006.

It is collectible Card Game Week for Dave Lartigue.

In manga blogging news, I’m co-hosting this month’s manga moveable feast on the great Takehiko Inoue.

Write More Good has the premium used price of two cents!

But you still have to pay at least six dollars for Matt Wilson’s Supervillain Handbook!

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