The Gray Lady and Other Newspaper Nicknames

Pictured: The New York Times

As many people know, the venerable New York Times is often referred to as the Gray or Grey Lady. Wikipedia (“The Town Bicycle”) says this is because of the NYT’s habit of presenting many words and few pictures, and that’s good enough for us.

What the layperson may not know is that many other newspapers and similar publications have their own nicknames. As a public service, the Bureau Chiefs of Fake AP Stylebook (“The Fake Lady”) present some of the more colorful nicknames you’ll find in the United States and beyond.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution: The Chick-fil-ady

The Bangkok Post: The Gray Ladyboy

The Beastie Boys Official Fan Newsletter: The Hey Lady

The Boston Globe: The Gray Lady’s Younger Sister with an Inferiority Complex

The Chicago Tribune: The Blue Management Change

The Galveston Gazette: The GaGa Lady

The Glasgow East News: The Laddie Lady

The Guardian: The Earl Grey Lady

The Houston Chronicle: The Black Goldy

Huffington Post: The Pink Slip

The Las Vegas Sun: The Neon-Tinted Lady Just Paying Her Way Through College, Honest

The Los Angeles Times: The Fake-Tanned Lady with Breast Implants

The Memphis Commercial Appeal: The Blue Suede News

The Miami Herald: The Aqua Pomeranian

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: The Brown Bratwurst

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune: The Pasty Scandinavian

The New Orleans Times-Picayune: The HEY LADY SHOW US YOUR TITS

The New York Inquirer: The Old Rosebud

The Official Styx Fanclub Newsletter: The “Lady” Lady

The Seattle Times: The Gray Rainy

USA Today: The Rainbow Everything’s Fine Nothing to See Here

The Village Voice: The Spalding Gray Lady

The Washington Post: The Dark Meeting in a Parking Lot in 1973, Hey, Remember That?

The Willamette Week: The Taupe Barista

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41 thoughts on “The Gray Lady and Other Newspaper Nicknames”

  1. The Minneapolis Star Tribune has so many purfume insert ads that I would recommend “The Honey Pot.”

  2. Alternate for Las Vegas Sun-Times: She’s got style. She’s got grace. She’s a winner. She’s a Lady. Whoa whoa whoa. She’s a Lady.

  3. Also, “the Hey Lady” is the Jerry Lewis Fanzine. Oh wait – I guess to be absolutely precise, it’s “the Hey LAAAAAADDDDDDIIIIEEEEE”

  4. Lincoln Journal-Star: The Ad/AP-Feed Lady (with a little space reserved for Ted Koosier poetry because he is married to the Editor in Chief Emeritas)

  5. The Detroit Free Press: The Morning Friendly Lady (but don’t catch me between noon and midnight, I’m a she-bear, then)

  6. The Austin American-Statesman – The Dude Looks Like a Lady (with a shout out to local folk hero Leslie)

  7. Finger Lakes Times (Geneva, N.Y.): Ladyfingers
    San Diego Union-Tribune: Lady Di
    Orlando Sentinel: The Cartoon Lady

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