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Are you writing a review of Write More Good? Do you need some assistance coming up with praise for the greatest humorous non-fiction style guide published in this century? Feel free to mix and match from the following phrases.

Write More Good is a [...] book [...] filled with [...] and big steaming piles of [...] jokes.”

Write More Good is more than a satirical take on the state of modern journalism and, indeed, the wider world of professional writing. It is a scathing cross-section of the many pomposities, delusions and outright lies that writers tell themselves to keep themselves afloat, and a trenchant observation of the world that writers must, ultimately, internalize and reflect. This book gave me seven super-boners.”

“Like Huckleberry Finn, but non-fiction and with slightly more racism.”

“A heart-warming classic, destined to be loved by the more anal and pretentious members of the family for years.”

“Every once in a long while a book comes along that changes the way you think about writing forever. For instance, Write More Good basically put me off it.”

“Satisfies all the legal requirements for being called a book.” Justice Clarence Thomas, Random House v. Bureau Chiefs, 2010

“I have seen the future of horror, and its name is WRITE MORE GOOD.”

“A harrowing tale of sacrifice, redemption, and semi-colons.”

“Soon to be the standard by which all books that come from dumb Twitter feeds will be judged by.”

“As a huge fan of the @FakeAPStylebook Twitter feed, I have suggestions for how items on page 7, 21, 49, 98, 112 and 144 could be improved.”

“Come for the ‘your mom’ jokes, stay for the…well, it’s kind of ‘your mom’ jokes all the way down.”

“Hundreds of years from now, humans surviving on a post-apocalyptic Earth will form a religion based on this book. Then, things will really go to hell.”

“This book makes Strunk and White look like a couple of old dead guys.”

“The book based on the Twitter feed that actually IS drunk at 8 AM.”

“If ONE writer can create a great book, imagine how good a book SEVENTEEN writers can create!”

“The talk of society! Don’t be the last one at your local salon to procure it from the bookbinders!”

“A tour-de-force of angry, drunken rambling, just like a real book!”

You may pre-order Write More Good, on sale April 5, now.

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