WRITE MORE GOOD: Praise for @FakeAPStylebook

“OK, we give in. @FakeAPStylebook is pretty fantastic.”—newsweek.tumblr.com, tagged “Things We Love”

“Genius… If you’ve ever been tortured by the APA, MLA, AP, or Chicago Manual of Style guidebooks, you’re probably already gleefully enjoying the comedy of Twitter’s Fake AP Stylebook…A lot like The Onion…Fake AP Stylebook would never have become so successful if it only appealed to journalists. It taps into universal anxieties about language…Fake AP Stylebook is sweet revenge against anyone who ever tried to tell you how to use language-especially those who did it in a way that was wrong, annoying, or plain crazy.” —Good.is

“Steers you completely wrong—with style…We were delighted to learn of a disruptive newcomer to the writing style game. And the best part is that it’s on Twitter…Fantastic.” —Wired.com

“Cult favorite…Yes, the joke has legs.” —American Journalism Review

“Always manages to bring a hilarious twist to seemingly serious notes on American journalism.” —Attack of the Blog! (G4TV.com)

New York Magazine approval matrix, 9/9/09: Brilliant/Lowbrow

“A merry band of comma comedians is using Twitter to successfully poke fun at American journalism’s sacred text…A phenomenon…Hilarious…They derive much of their humour from their deadpan imitation of the real AP Stylebook’s earnest tone. Taken as a whole, it comes across as the Onion of style guides…That’s not mere humour. It’s media criticism, and of a fairly high order. Consult the real AP Stylebook if you want to be stylistically correct. But if you’re seeking the truth, the Fake AP Stylebook is an essential reference.” —Dan Kennedy, Guardian.co.uk

“For anyone who has suffered through reading the entire AP Stylebook for a journalism class, there’s a cathartic release when reading the dry wit of the @FakeAPStylebook feed on Twitter…Combines parody of the journalism usage bible with funny repartee and the absurd.” —MediaShift (pbs.org)

“Maybe this is only funny to people who have had to deal with the real AP style book. But something tells me that at least a few of those 74,337 followers haven’t. Journalism humor: Not just for journalists anymore!”—Paste magazine, “Ten More Unique, Funny or Useful Twitter Users You Should Follow Right Now”

“Twitter feed of the century” —Eric Zorn, “Change of Subject,” blogs.chicagotribune.com

“A Twitter account that will make your subjects and verbs disagree in hilarity. Strangely, I’ve found that the rules of the Fake AP Stylebook appear to be “followed” by more of the web than the real AP— and not just that more people literally Twitter-follow the fake stylebook than the real stylebook — but bloggers and the like actually seem to adhere to the satirical musings of Fake AP.” —Chris Lesinski, Tosh.o Blog

“While the actual Associated Press Stylebook is unintentionally hilarious, FakeAPStylebook on Twitter is a hoot and a half.”—John McIntyre, copy editor and blogger, “You Don’t Say,” baltimoresun.com

“On Twitter, and soon maybe in real life, comic grammar and usage may outstrip the need to know if it’s ever okay to mix dashes and colons…Dispensing such abbreviated witticisms earned Fake AP Stylebook a horde of loyal followers in just two short weeks.” —fastcompany.com

“Who would have thought, with the old media giants keeling over like Disney’s overheated dinosaurs, that a journalistic inside joke would become the talk of the twitterverse? But so it is.” —Jan Freeman, Boston.com

“One of the funniest Twitter feeds I follow.”—FrontBurner, frontburner.dmagazine.com

“Zeitgeist-harnessing…In these wired times, a silly Internet joke can explode into a pop-culture trend in an instant. If you’ve never heard of Mark Hale, Twitter and Fake AP Stylebook, get ready. You will soon.” —Louisville.metromix.com

“Maybe we should all use the Fake AP Stylebook on Twitter as the definitive source.”—slog.thestranger.com

“Best thing happening on Twitter right now.” —Short Form Blog (shortformblog.com)

“One of my favorite Twitter-feeds.” —Ron Kampeas, “Capital J,” blogs.jta.org

“Well worth a peek.” —Newser

“Funny — for all the journalists and grammar geeks out there.”—Huffington Post

“We look forward to flipping through the book full of fake newswriting tips during commercial breaks from CBS’s upcoming family comedy based on Fake AP Stylebook peer Shit My Dad Says.”—Paste magazine

“An amusing take on guidelines to proper journalistic writing.” —blogs.discovermagazine.com

“When I have a minute or 10 to waste on the Internet, one of my favorite go-to places is the Fake AP Stylebook on Twitter. Think of it as the insane cousin of the real AP Stylebook.” —blog.thenewstribune.com (Tacoma News-Tribune)

“Delivers laughs for writers…FakeAPStylebook has created a hilarious sendup of AP’s Style ubiquitous style manual, and metered it out via a truly “LOL” Twitter feed (see, I’m still cutting edge)…Need a laugh? Give FakeAPStylebook a follow.”—The Copywriter Underground (copywriterunderground.com)

“For my money, the greatest Twitter account in all of creation is the “Fake AP Stylebook,” a laugh-out-loud (and occasionally vulgar) parody of the real AP Stylebook — still, as far as I’m concerned, the New Testament.”—Mike McInally, publisher, Corvallis Gazette-Times (mikemcinally.mvourtown.com)

“Five people to follow on Twitter” —The Daily Herald (Everett, Washington)

“One of the hottest sensations on the Internet…Exceedingly funny.” —Culture Vulture (blogs.sltrib.com/vulture)

Mentioned or featured on Romenesko, Poynter.org, Paste magazine, the American Copy Editors Society’s blog (copydesk.org), The Inquisitr (inquisitr.com), MassLive.com, TheItem.com (Sumter, SC), The Editor’s Desk (editdesk.wordpress.com/), The Boston Phoenix (thephoenix.com), The Public Relations Society of America (prsa.org), Dallas Observer, Media Nation (dankennedy.net), GalleyCat (mediabistro.com), Weekly Dig (Boston)

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