Bureau Chiefs News – The Content Farm

Bureau Chiefs spin-off site The Content Farm has been in the news recently. Check out coverage from:

Media Bistro – @FakeAPStylebook Duo Take Aim at Content Farms
The Awl – The Best Content on the Whole Internet
The Atlantic Wire – How to Mock Content Farms in 10 Steps
Metafilter – Google “Parody”. Or Bing it. Or Blekko It.
Matt’s Web Trends Blog – “The Content Farm” Nails It

Google search guru Matt Cutts used The Content Farm as an example in an informative post about how to block content farms, which prompted mentions on the New York Times Bits Blog and TechRadar.

Remember to visit The Content Farm for essential information about how to live your life, including How to Build a Robot, How to Pour Milk, and How to Tell If You Are Bleeding from the Scalp

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