Cheers and Regards for the Week of September 27, 2010

If you ever get an e-mail from a journalist, there’s one portion of it you should pay attention to more than any other. No, it’s not the part where they’re asking you about the romantic night you spent in the gorilla cage; it’s the sign-off.

If it’s “Cheers,” you’re cool. You did OK. If it’s “Regards,” you pissed somebody off, and you better figure out how to fix things, quick.

We apply those same tenets here, every week.

CHEERS to’s Jack Shafer for continuing to call out  bogus trend stories. 

REGARDS to the editor of the Portland Press Herald for apparently hanging up on On The Media’s Bob Garfield in an interview about the paper’s apology regarding its 9/11 coverage (they ran a Ramadan story on the anniversary and 9/11 stories the day after). “We refuse to stand by our coverage!” we imagine he said.

CHEERS to bloggers at for taking the magazine to task over its sensationalistic cover story about President Obama and his supposed anti-colonial, anti-business stances. Calling the magazine that runs your blog a publication that would run a “quasi-racist bomb toss?” Ballsy.

REGARDS to, well, the news in general for devoting 30 percent of the newshole from Sept. 13-19 to Tea Party candidate Christine O’Donnell’s primary victory in Delaware. Sure, she’s an entertaining kook, but do we really need to focus this much on O’Donnell when other Tea Party candidates could genuinely win?

CHEERS to the Los Angeles Times for thumping celebrity magazines who run story after story using anonymous sources. Come on, guys. Somebody has to be willing to go on the record to say Britney Spears is doing all better, right?

REGARDS to CBS affiliate news stations for apparently catching Hawaii Five-O fever. That shit is vile.

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