Cheers and Regards for the Week of August 2, 2010

If you ever get an e-mail from a journalist, there’s one portion of it you should pay attention to more than any other. No, it’s not the part where they’re asking you about your bill in the Arizona legislature looking to deport all immigrants and descendants of immigrants; it’s the sign-off.

If it’s “Cheers,” you’re cool. You did OK. If it’s “Regards,” you pissed somebody off, and you better figure out how to fix things, quick.

We apply those same tenets here, every week.

CHEERS to The New Yorker for its look at CNN’s baffling new lineup, for its examination of the decline of CNN, and by extension, cable news, in the past 20 years, but also how a network could have gotten to the point of giving Eliot Spitzer, a guy most people know for sleeping with a high-priced call girl several times, their 8 p.m. slot. (MW)

REGARDS to the American Spectator for deigning to even print Jeffrey Lord’s columns questioning whether the beating death of USDA employee Shirley Sherrod’s relative was a lynching or not in an ever-spiraling-downward effort to discredit her. Okay, Jeff, let’s say it wasn’t a lynching. Instead, let’s call it a racially motivated murder-by-beating on the courthouse steps by deputized lawmen. Sound better to you? (MW)

CHEERS to commentators from all over, including at the conservative Spectator itself, for calling Lord out on his, let’s call it what it is, bullshit. At the Washington Post, columnist E.J. Dionne finally kind of snapped over the whole thing and said, rightfully, that it’s time to stop listening to conservative crackpots. We would suggest giving up on crackpots of all types. (MW)

REGARDS to the Investors Business Daily for running an op-ed piece exhorting Americans to violence over the  “unpruned power” of the Obama administration. It’s one thing to criticize politicians, but to speak approvingly over violence against the government based on paranoid maybes that would make even the most ardent Tea Partier back away nervously is beyond the pale. (DW)

CHEERS to Mississippi Public Broadcasting for putting Fresh Air back on after making the ridiculous decision to pull it last month. Of course, we have to qualify our cheering because it’s now on at a later time and with an “adult content” notice in case anyone’s virgin ears are soiled again by Louis CK talking about having sex with his shirt on. (MW)

REGARDS to new editor Nick Catucci for declaring the website a snark-free zone. On the one hand, it seems like a fresh take on writing for the web, when so much of it is so cynical. But on the other, do you really want to read an entirely straightforward and genuine online piece about, say, what it’s like backstage at a KISS show? (MW)

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2 thoughts on “Cheers and Regards for the Week of August 2, 2010”

  1. We would suggest giving up on crackpots of all types.

    Of course, that’s a subjective term. The crackpots on your side of the political spectrum probably don’t seem so crazy to you.

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