22 thoughts on “Bureau Chiefs Poll: You are lost at sea in a tiny life raft with only a can of cat food. Do you:”

  1. use it as bait for fishing while waiting for the rescue that will take way too long… and hope I float near the oil spill because the news coverage would make being spotte for a rescue pretty likely… though it would make the fishing suck.

  2. Why the hell do I have cat food? I don’t have a stinking cat! I’m gonna use the can to kill a shark to eat…sushi…yum!

  3. Dude, most cat food tins have pull-tabs on them now – easy to open, and then you’ve got a handy (extremely sharp) lid for filleting the fish you catch!

  4. Good luck opening the can without a can opener, but *definitely* use it for bait – it’d dry you up in a heartbeat. MAYBE you could use the can as a reflective surface to signal a passing vessel or aircraft…

  5. Studies (don’t ask for a link because I can’t remember) show cat and dog food are the best thing you could have when deserted. They are nutrient rich!

  6. I would name it Wilson and have long, meaningful discussions with it until a storm washed it overboard, then I would cry and cry.

  7. I would surely die as A. I can’t even imagine eating cat food. The thought makes me throw up in my mouth a little, and B. I don’t eat fish, either. The thought makes me throw up in my mouth a little.

  8. Who in the world puts cat food into a life raft? Seriously, guys. Next time, get a woman to pack the emergency stuff and not some half-drunk dude.

  9. I would use the cat food as bait for catching cats, which I would then use as bait for catching whatever eats cats. Cows? Probably cows. Which I would then eat. I’d still be lost at sea, but full of cow.

    My parents would have been proud.

  10. If you want to catch a fish, you have to do more than just toss cat food in the water. Where’s the pole? The hook? The line?

  11. if you catch a fish, it will be too salty to eat and will most likely dehydrate you if not worse. you’re teaching bad survival skills. #takingthiswaytooseriously

  12. If you are on a raft, I think it’s safe to assume that there is no way to build a fire without endangering your own life. Therefore, the choice is between raw fish, cat food, and not eating. I’ll take the cat food.

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