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Bureau Chiefs Poll: Which famous historical figure’s sex tape do you most want to see?

24 June 2010 23 Comments
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  • Anna said:

    Catherine the Great because of the horse rumor, nothing else.

  • Tess said:

    Of those listed – Catherine, for sure. But if you were to put Ben Franklin on the list….that’d be a different matter. He was (allegedly, according to reports, an un-named source says:) a total HOUND!!

  • ceolaf said:

    THAT’S your list?

    What about Lady Godiva? What about Mary Magdalene? Zeus? Elizabeth I?

  • david said:

    How about Cleopatra? Woof.

  • Mariam said:

    Catherine the great because she is the sexiest out of the lot, and cos russians are frisky. ;o

  • Lis said:

    Even without the horse rumor, she’s pretty notorious…

  • Ama said:

    Catherine the Great–she’s the only one who wouldn’t horrify me!

  • Mark said:

    Horse or not, I think I might be able to keep down my lunch while watching Catherine the Great at work.

  • zenvelo said:

    Mary Magdalene’s. or Cleopatra’s

  • mer said:

    No option for Ben Franklin?!?

  • Joshua A.C. Newman said:

    Dude, Mary Queen of Scots apparently strangled her second husband. HOTT.

  • John Wiswell said:

    The Virgin Mary’s.

  • Jim said:

    Mary is the only one of those that might’ve been remotely attractive.

  • MKKubicek said:

    The only boy choice is Adolf Hitler? How is that fair? Where is the love for the ladies?

  • AM said:

    Lucrezia Borgia. Or Valeria Messalina.

  • 4ndyman said:

    Adolf had only one nut, which I know would be the only thing I would see during the whole tape. That half-empty sac, swaying back and forth. Back and forth. . . .

    I was hoping, though, to vote for Joan of Arc. You know there are some hot sex tapes when someone claims to be an adult virgin.

  • 4ndyman said:

    Really? Ben Franklin? I would think they’d use his sex tapes in med school. “Here we see not only the first signs of syphilis, but a raging case of undiagnosed gonorrhea.”

  • Lindsay said:

    CTG – that b-word was a straight up chickenhead freakazoid.

  • Rusty said:

    Eleanor Roosevelt, because there would probz be girl on girl action. But I also want to see Lincoln’s.

  • Catherine the Great's lover said:

    Catherine, of course, because she was … well … great!

  • Adam said:

    I say President Andrew Jackson. He could throw up blood on command, and those chops!

  • Cimo said:

    Marquis de Sade? No?

  • Dsongstress said:

    Mary Magdalene? Really? Wasn’t she Jesus’ beeyotch? Might as well douse yourself in flames and go sraight to hell. Otherwise, Jesus might sick Big Daddy on your butt!

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