23 thoughts on “Bureau Chiefs Poll: Which famous historical figure’s sex tape do you most want to see?”

  1. Of those listed – Catherine, for sure. But if you were to put Ben Franklin on the list….that’d be a different matter. He was (allegedly, according to reports, an un-named source says:) a total HOUND!!

  2. Catherine the great because she is the sexiest out of the lot, and cos russians are frisky. ;o

  3. The only boy choice is Adolf Hitler? How is that fair? Where is the love for the ladies?

  4. Adolf had only one nut, which I know would be the only thing I would see during the whole tape. That half-empty sac, swaying back and forth. Back and forth. . . .

    I was hoping, though, to vote for Joan of Arc. You know there are some hot sex tapes when someone claims to be an adult virgin.

  5. Really? Ben Franklin? I would think they’d use his sex tapes in med school. “Here we see not only the first signs of syphilis, but a raging case of undiagnosed gonorrhea.”

  6. Eleanor Roosevelt, because there would probz be girl on girl action. But I also want to see Lincoln’s.

  7. Mary Magdalene? Really? Wasn’t she Jesus’ beeyotch? Might as well douse yourself in flames and go sraight to hell. Otherwise, Jesus might sick Big Daddy on your butt!

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