8 thoughts on “Bureau Chiefs Poll: Where the hell are my keys?”

  1. I’ve left the keys, locked in a rental car that was running – don’t knock it until you try it. There’s nothing like public humiliation in a crowded parking lot.

  2. As my father always said, “If they were up your ass, you’d know!”

    (My ex-husband appropriated this phrase, and when one of his coworkers asked, “Where’s Joe?” he answered, “If he were up your ass, you’d know.” The inquiring coworker paused for a moment, then said, “Yeah. Especially if he was dancing.“)

  3. I find my keys in the fridge more often than not. I blame my fridge for being so close to the door. The thing is, I NEVER think to look there, even though they pretty much belong there.

  4. we found the tv remote in the cheese drawer of the fridge once. keys aren’t such a stretch…

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