Cheers and Regards for the Week of May 10, 2010

If you ever get an e-mail from a journalist, there’s one portion of it you should pay attention to more than any other. No, it’s not the part where they’re asking you about your unlicensed plastic surgery practice; it’s the sign-off.

If it’s “Cheers,” you’re cool. You did OK. If it’s “Regards,” you pissed somebody off, and you better figure out how to fix things, quick.

We apply those same tenets here, every week.

CHEERS to the Arizona Republic for calling out state and federal officials, name by name, for alternately ignoring the illegal immigration problem or using it to pander to public fears. This is nonpartisan editorializing at its finest. (KL)

REGARDS to the Baltimore Sun for inserting an inane “give me your cynical, fact-free gut reaction” poll after an article specifically refuting the poll’s basis. Web 2.0! (KL)

CHEERS to the folks of for making an effort to bring their brand of scrutiny to politicians’ truths, half-truths and outright lies to all 50 states in a sort of verification franchise. (MW)

REGARDS to WorldNetDaily for finding it newsworthy to report the names of journalists who had unfavorable reactions, ostensibly sent in personal e-mails, to the site’s newest book, The Manchurian President. Also, regards to Mother Jones for seemingly finding it worthwhile to repeat it. (MW)

CHEERS to Newsweek‘s Andrew Romano for taking TV and print news outlets to task for essentially ignoring the devastating floods in Nashville for two reasons: the “feedback loop” that makes news outlets feel OK as long as their competitors aren’t reporting it and a narrative lacking in comparison to the BP oil spill and the attempted Times Square attack. The fact that thousands lost their homes and dozens died seems to have not had much effect. (MW)

REGARDS to writer Alexa von Tobel and the Huffington Post for being beyond clueless about how everyone who isn’t a Manhattan CEO lives and allowing that cluelessness to take up space on the Internet, respectively. Maybe for her next post she could see what it’s like to take her head out of her ass! Also: Extra regards points to the HuffPo for deleting every single comment pointing out Ms. von Tobel’s head-up-ass problem. (DL and MW)

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