25 thoughts on “Bureau Chiefs Poll: What nonsensical lyric best describes your weekend?”

  1. As I do every weekend, I shall be perambulating with my pet velociraptor. Sadly, I struggle to find a song lyric to match this.

  2. “Love can be seen as the answer, but nobody bleeds for the dancer.” – Ronnie James Dio
    That, or the entire song “Holy Diver.” Hell, any Dio song, actually.

  3. I think mine should be the “ha ha ha ha ha wipe out” at the beginning of the song Wipe Out (I’m in Nashville, aka Nashlantis).

  4. Wop-bop-a-loom-a-boom-bam-boom
    Tutti frutti au rutti tutti frutti au rutti tutti frutti
    au rutti tutti frutti au rutti tutti frutti
    au rutti wop-bop-a-loom-bop-a-boom-bam-boom
    - Elvis Presley, “Tutti Frutti”

  5. “Sister Marie, simple and free.” My best friend in college thought those were the lyrics to the Chicago song. It came to mind since I can’t go to Sunday Mass now because of conflicts with my work schedule.

    Oh, what a hang,
    Your daddy just shot poor me

    “Wait Until Tomorrow”
    Jimi Hendrix

  7. “I wanna (huh), I wanna (huh), I wanna (huh), I wanna (huh),
    I really, really, really wanna zig-a-zig ah!”

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