12 thoughts on “Bureau Chiefs Poll: Do you always choose the “I don’t know” option in polls?”

  1. The only logical answer is No.

    If you chose yes, you obviously don’t, so you really meant to chose no.

    If you chose I don’t know, you do always choose I don’t know, so really should’ve chosen yes, which means no. (see above)

    If you chose no, then you probably don’t always choose I don’t know, or you just didn’t want to choose the other, more obvious answers.

    There may be holes in my theory, please feel free to draw my attention to them, though you’ll have trouble as I’ll have my eyes closed and be going LAL LAL LAAAAAA!

  2. @Andyface: Actually, “I don’t know” is also a logical option. What if you choose it a lot, but don’t remember for certain whether you choose it -every- time?

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