22 thoughts on “Bureau Chiefs Poll: A masked gunman breaks into your home and holds a gun to your head. He says he is going to shoot you unless you agree to make sweet love to a nerd idol. Do you choose:”

  1. I’d choose Bruce Campbell, because he has that shotgun on his hand….so he could just shoot the gunman. And then we’d make love anyway, because, dude… Bruce Campbell.

  2. Given those four choices, I’d just let him shoot me. But I do believe that Felicia Day is a nerd idol, as is Morena Baccarin and possibly even Christina Hendricks

  3. Well, duh. If the question was, who would I love to spend an evening drinking coffee with and talking, the obvious choice would be Whedon. But in this case, the winner is clear.

  4. This is the easiest question EVER. Of course, if it was between Nathan Fillion and Bruce Campbell of like 15 years ago, that’d be a tough decision.

  5. Using my sweet ninja skills I would shoot him in the delta with his own pitiful weapon and leave her to bleed out on the Persian.

  6. Captain Malcolm Reynolds from Firefly and Serenity, naturally. Not Richard Castle, however.

  7. Give me some sugar baby! It’s Bruce because he can use his deadly chin to kill the gunman.

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