The Bureau Chiefs at ROFLCon!

As you may have heard by now, a large gathering (a “drunk”) of the Bureau Chiefs will be at ROFLCon (April 30-May 1 in Cambridge, MA) thanks to their creating a little thing called Fake AP Stylebook. Officially, Bureau Chief heads Ken Lowery and Mark Hale are there to speak on Saturday about “ROFLing the News,” along with the fine folks from Auto-Tune the News and panel moderator David Weinberger from Everything is Miscellaneous.

Unofficially, the Bureau Chiefs will be lousing around ROFLCon both days, and should you spot them in the wild, feel free to harass them. Ken Lowery looks like this:

And Mark Hale looks like this:

The other Chiefs will likely be with them. If you don’t see them before or after the panel on Saturday, chances are they’ve gone to Comicopia to partake of Free Comic Book Day and visit with friend of the Chiefs Kevin Church, who will be shilling and signing books. So try there, too.

See you on the floor, laughing.

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