Cheers and Regards for the Week of April 5, 2010

If you ever get an e-mail from a journalist, there’s one portion of it you should pay attention to more than any other. No, it’s not the part where they’re asking you about the birds you’re importing illegally from Mexico; it’s the sign-off.

If it’s “Cheers,” you’re cool. You did OK. If it’s “Regards,” you pissed somebody off, and you better figure out how to fix things, quick.

We apply those same tenets here, every week.

CHEERS to the New York Times‘ Jeremy W. Peters for an interesting glimpse into the day-to-day functions of lobbyists at the capitol in New York. It’d be easy to read a lot into what he reports, but Peters resists the urge to wax symbolic and simply tells the story as it is. (KL)

REGARDS to Poynter’s Bill Mitchell for getting to the point — he prefers the iPad over the Kindle — after meandering for six grafs about how he’s one of the lucky ones who can afford both. (MW)

CHEERS to the editors of the National Catholic Reporter for risking attacks from and/or the loss of its own readership by demanding answers from a Pope regarding abuse by priests and a host of other issues. (MW)

REGARDS to magazine ad types like Robin Steinberg of MediaVest Worldwide, who apparently see no problem with mixing Walmart ads with their own magazine content. Finally, they figured out how to put popup ads in print! (MW)

CHEERS to Michael Roston at TrueSlant for calling egg-throwing victim Andrew Breitbart and compatriot James O’Keefe what they are: Activists, not journalists. (MW)

REGARDS to the CW33 in Dallas/Fort Worth’s Barry Carpenter who, upon hearing of a study that says adolescence extends well into the late 20s, decided to go for the “let’s laugh at the fan boy” angle for no discernible reason. You stay classy, local TV news. (KL)

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