Cheers and Regards for the Week of April 26, 2010

If you ever get an e-mail from a journalist, there’s one portion of it you should pay attention to more than any other. No, it’s not the part where they’re asking you about the hooker you stopped to chat with the night you were inaugurated as mayor; it’s the sign-off.

If it’s “Cheers,” you’re cool. You did OK. If it’s “Regards,” you pissed somebody off, and you better figure out how to fix things, quick.

We apply those same tenets here, every week.

CHEERS to Time‘s Tuned In blog for pointing out the habit of media companies, especially FOX, to criticize themselves, in the one-hand-not-knowing-what-the-other-is-doing fashion of the day. (MW)

REGARDS to The Baltimore Sun’s Jules Witcover, who after preambling his column by saying he doesn’t want to sound like an old fogy, proceeds to call Twitter a “poisonous virus” among other things. He then takes a shot at blogging straight out of 2005, blaming the tools for their misuse, and not the users. (KL)

CHEERS to the Oregonian for its thorough investigation of a local TV news director who has now been indicted on multiple counts of fraud and has apparently been living under a fake Social Security number. The fact that they managed to eliminate a competitor is just icing.

REGARDS to the Associated Press for taking a quote from President Obama regarding nuclear and military power a putting it in as little context as Sarah Palin did in a recent attack. (MW)

CHEERS and REGARDS to New York Newsday for its new anti-negativity policy on its sports page. On the one hand, it aims to move past the back-and-forth, drummed-up melodrama that so much recent sports coverage has become. But it also hamstrings reporters from digging into those stories that are really dirty and really good reads. (MW)

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