6 thoughts on “BUREAU CHIEFS POLL: Who would you choose to perform at your son’s bar mitzvah?”

  1. As soon as I saw the tweet about this, and before I clicked the link, I instantly wanted to answer Gwar! Glad the Chiefs were smart enough to include it!

  2. Can I vote for GWAR with an un-announced drop-in by Cat Stevens? Because that’s what I would WANT to see at a bar mitzvah.

  3. To teach my son to respect U.S. history, I’d certainly want a Beach Boy. Not to mention the Beach Boy probably needs the money.

  4. Wait I thought Lady Gaga was like Gwar’s answer to The Dead Weather or Chris Gaines a stylistic departure but essentially the same. Either way the kid will still be scared out of his yarmulke when Gaga eats some of his friends.

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