Paging Dr. McCarthy

So there was that Hollywood Life column that explicitly states that Jenny McCarthy has reversed her stance on vaccinations causing autism, and implies that she admitted her son never had autism, even though the Time magazine story referenced in the column has her saying no such thing.

The Time article does raise the idea that McCarthy’s son may have had Landau-Kleffner Syndrome, a condition that would have explained his symptoms, but there is no reference in the article to McCarthy’s possibility of acceptance of said alternative diagnosis. However, given the ambiguous way Hollywood Life conflates McCarthy’s position with Time‘s suggestion:

“And though her son may never have had autism, Jenny insists, ‘I’ll continue to be the voice’ of the disorder.”

…you can be excused if you find yourself thinking otherwise.

There is a reference in the Time article that McCarthy may have softened a bit on believing all vaccines are dangerous — generous of her, considering that the actual science by scientists who’ve gone to scientist school says vaccines are fine, and the study that kicked off the whole autism/vaccine connection in the first place has been withdrawn for a multitude of reasons. But even if McCarthy is easing up a bit on her claims, the damage has been done, and is continuing to be done.

Hooray for science by celebrity!

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