14 thoughts on “BUREAU CHIEFS POLL: Your oxen have died and your wagon wheel is broken. Do you:”

  1. My whole party used to die of dysentery before we made it to the end of the Oregon Trail. If only I had stocked up on salt pork instead of dress fabric.

  2. This is too easy. Any idiot could tell Becky would never be able to contribute enough to justify her place on the wagon, not with the piss-poor effort she gave in her last attempt at bear-shooting. And my god people her last name was Donner! How much of a sign could you possibly need – for her to have been born in a roasting pan? Hmmm? Moisturising with meat tenderizer, perhaps? Uch.

  3. I couldn’t shoot Becky. Need to save my bullets for hunting 952-pound buffaloes, even if I have to leave 852 pounds for the bunnies.

  4. I didn’t realize this was an Oregon Trail thing. We never played that in NJ, but I keep hearing about it.

  5. Ooooh…. did you ever play Landing Party? Spock or the Doc always got turned into a chicken or traded for penguins! So much better than Oregon Trail.

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