11 thoughts on “BUREAU CHIEFS POLL: A leprechaun appears and gives you the choice of three gifts! Do you choose:”

  1. How difficult is it to exchange a bag of gold for money these days? At least without them thinking that you had stolen it.

  2. People, people, people! You can charge MONEY to see the SINGING MIRROR. It’s the difference between a fish and a fishing pole. You can get more fish with the pole! Don’t take the lazy path.

  3. There’s ALWAYS a catch with stuff like this. The gold will turn to dry leaves the next day, the cereal will give you painful and expensive dental problems, the mirror just won’t frickin’ shut up. Smash that little jerk right in his smug little mouth.

  4. Don’t pick the bag of gold, dude. You know how these little dudes are about their gold. “Oh, ye want me bag o’ gold, do ye?” he’ll say, with a mean glint in his eye, and before you know it you’re in a tiny little world of hurt. Just back away slowly…

  5. It sounds like “spril de lagnahee”, but is spelled different, and it means fake. i would rather play with a cleurricane.

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