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The Bureau Chiefs have been busy (just not on this site)!

Adam Warrock had a new album out, The Middle of Nowhere. Buy it on Bandcamp!

Chris Sims has two issues out of his series Subatomic Party Girls on Comixology

Josh Krach is lettering some fine comic books, also on Comixology

Ken Lowery has a story in Boo! Halloween Stories, also on Comixology. Also check out Like a Virus.

Matt Wilson’s second Supervillian Manual book is available everywhere:

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Know Your Crew: Supreme Court or Wu Tang Clan?

Know Your Crew: Supreme Court or Wu Tang Clan?

If you’re like us, you probably had this problem happen before. At a party, on the streets, or in the courtroom, you can’t figure out if people are referencing members of the United States Supreme Court or the Wu-Tang Clan.

Both crews have nine members, both have elaborate nicknames and aliases, and both have, at some point, had an “ol’ dirty bastard” amongst their members (we’re looking at you, Alito).

Use this easy guide to know when people are talking about the highest court in the land, or the killa beez from 10304, Staten Island, NY.

Much respect to both.

1.Raekwon “The Chef”
Famous for cooking up dope rhymes in his crib.

Stephen “The Chef” Breyer
Famous for his killer swedish meatball recipe for parties at his crib.

Known to rule on verses with his golden arms and god knowledge.

Anthony “Praise God” Kennedy
Known to rule on cases according to his Catholic morality.

3.Gary “The GZA” Grimes
The Genius of the group, uses his intellect on the mic.

Clarence “The Jizza” Thomas
The…uhh, you don’t want to know.

4. Ghostface Killah
Often singled out by the ladies for his devastatingly seductive rhymes

Ruth “Vader” Ginsburg
Often singled out by the ladies for her devastating record of
pro-gender equality legislation

5. RZA “The RZArecta”
Uses numerology and lyricism to raise sleeping minds from their slumber.

Antonin “Resurrector” Scalia
Uses “finger in the warm water” or “holding the nose” tricks to wake
sleeping members from their slumber during hearing.

6. Sonia Sotomayor
Became the target of right wing attacks for her ruling on the Conn.
Firefighters case.

Masta Killa
Did something in Conn. that required the attention of firefighters.

7. Inspectah “Rebel INS” Deck
Nickname originates from his reign as the rebel inspectah of lyricism.

Elena “Rebel IRS” Kagan
Nickname originates from her rebellious interpretation of the federal tax code

8. Method “Hot Nickels” Man
The most flamboyant, charismatic member of the group, known for his
outgoing style.

John “Hot Buttons” Roberts
The most flamboyant, charismatic member of the group known for his
outgoing variety of red neckties.

9. Ol’ Dirty Bastard
‘Cause he got burnt once, but it was only gonorrhea…

Ol’ Dirty Alito
‘Cause he got burnt once, but it was only gonorrhea…

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Bureau Chiefs News

Adam Warrock has released his first music video over on Angry Asian Man in support of his annual donation drive (he releases free music all year and only asks for money once). Check out the sweet minivan in the video!

RJ White is restarting The City Desk!

Check out You Chose Wrong, a Tumblr from Andrew Weiss dedicated to horrible endings of choose your own adventure books.

Did you know that the next season of the Variants had a successful kickstarter?

Mike Sterling presents some superhero bookmarks from 2006.

It is collectible Card Game Week for Dave Lartigue.

In manga blogging news, I’m co-hosting this month’s manga moveable feast on the great Takehiko Inoue.

Write More Good has the premium used price of two cents!

But you still have to pay at least six dollars for Matt Wilson’s Supervillain Handbook!

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Valentimes Day

Check out MSNBC’s Technolog for an account of The nerdiest lovers’ spat Twitter has ever seen.

Under normal circumstances, those who witness a lovers’ spat are often left feeling awkward and as if they intruded on an incredibly private moment. But somehow everything changes once Twitter gets involved — especially if the bickering parties are the grammar gods behind the Associated Press (AP) Stylebook and their counterparts, the funny bunch who runs the @FakeAPStylebook parody Twitter account.

Check out the full story here!

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